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IBM Corporation : Products & Services

IBM Corporation is a global leader in computer manufacturing and software solutions for homes and businesses. It is well renowned for its level of quality and the ability to provide custom built solutions to cater to the most difficult of challenges and conditions. IBM Corporation has built it self from a small company to a major multi national firm, which is currently listed on NYSE, Dow Jones and S&P 500 indexes. The company offers the following services:

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • High end servers
  • Business software
  • Security solutions
  • Networking
  • Data Storage
  • Point of Sales Solutions

IBM Corporation is a major player in terms of revenue and sales volume and is a global leader in computer hardware, computer software, IT services and IT consulting.

IBM Corporation : Company Background

The company was formed in 1911 and began trading as the Computing Tabulating Recording Company. It was initially setup in Endicott, New York but is currently headquartered in Armonk, New York. The company was founded by Charles Flint who was nicknamed “Father of Trusts”, due to his financial acumen. The company has been operating for 101 years and has over 499,000 employees worldwide.

IBM Corporation : Customer Feedback & Reviews

The Cnet editorial review of IBM products pours out great praise. The review rates the speed and performance of the products to be the best in the world. “The mainstream laptop's plain black case doesn't elicit excitement, but its fast Pentium M processor and ATI Mobility Radeon graphics chip deliver ample horsepower for the average user in the home or business.”.

Consumers rate the products to be the best when compared to other brands. A Richard Hausman writes “This computer does everything I need to surf the web, write E-mails, watch movies, create backup DVDs of data, and synchronize with my smart phone. The keyboard is great, screen is good and overall quality is very good.”. Another Coco writes “All in all, the laptop runs great and it was definitely worth its price.”. The level of products and services provided are of top quality and has gained consumer confidence.

IBM Corporation : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

The company enjoys an A+ rating on BBB with only 6 complaints in the last 3 years. The figure itself speaks volumes of the way the company controls its manufacturing, marketing, sales and after sales processes. The company has had millions of orders shipped in the past 3 years and only 6 complaints shows the level of quality pursued by it.

IBM Corporation : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa gives the website a global rank of and an Indian rank of 300. Google Page Rank gives it an 8 out of a possible 10. Compete gives the website a rank of 3,104 and a monthly unique visitor number of 689,386. The company is a global brand name when it comes to computer systems and accessories, the ranks and rating bear witness to its global leadership.  

IBM Corporation : Social Media Presence

The company’s global presence can be strongly felt on social media outlets such as twitter, where the company uses @IBM to communicate with consumers and fans alike. The account has 34,783 followers and is used as a publicity tool to the fullest. The Facebook page has over 180,000 likes and is used to promote the company’s current and future products.  The company has several YouTube channels, which help promote the business.

The company has used the social media platform to the fullest and ensures itself a place in the list of top computer manufacturers.

IBM Corporation : Website Security & Safety

According to Google Safety Diagnostics, The website has not been a host to malicious software in the last 90 days. 4514 pages of the website have been checked over the past 90 days. 7 suspected Trojan were found, but the safety and security applied by the company has been able to tackle these petty issues with ease. Consumer security is of the utmost concern to the company and it takes necessary measures to make it possible.

IBM Corporation : Pricing & Packages

The company caters to clients who have very specific needs such as corporate, schools, government and home users. The company provides bespoke solutions to each and every one of them. Simple desktop computer start from $699 and can go up to $20,000 considering the custom built servers with endless options on offer.

The company is a world leader in computer equipment and has held a significant market share. To stay in competition prices have to be kept in a certain buyable range. The company does that superbly

IBM Corporation : Shipping Rates & Policies

The company offers several shipping options to its customers and the costs may vary depending on quantity ordered. The company has listed several options such as:

  • Standard Delivery is standard ground shipping. This delivery method generally takes between 3-5 business days after shipping, but IBM does not commit that orders shipped by this method will arrive on any particular date. Standard shipping is included with your online purchase.
  • 2 Business Days Delivery: Your order should be received by 5:00 p.m. on the second business day after shipping.
  • 1 Business Day Delivery: Your order should be received by 5:00 p.m. on the first business day after shipping.
  • Priority NBD (Next Business Day) Delivery: Your order should be received by 10:30 a.m. on the first business day after shipping.

The methods used for shipping are quite satisfactory and will ensure smooth and timely shipping of ordered goods.

IBM Corporation : Payment Methods Accepted

Payment methods vary depending on the type of customer and order size. The company accepts credit cards be it Amex, Mastercard, Visa, Discover and Diners Club. The company also offers a financing option for home and corporate consumers subject to finance. The company employs a high level of security and one can be ensured when shopping on their website.  

IBM Corporation : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The company accepts returns with in 30 days of issuance of invoice. A copy of the invoice and a return authorization form must be obtained by contacting the company.  The company offers a 7 day money back guarantee on its used and certified computers. If the customer calls after the 7 days, a refund is not offered but a similar computer is selected by IBM Credit and is shipped in exchange for the previous computer.

The company has been in business for a very long time and has a trusted customer base be it home or corporate users, so it is safe to assume that consumer requests will be honored in time.

IBM Corporation : Product images & screenshots
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Get 15% off ThinkPad T400 and T500 Laptops @ IBM Corporation
Get 10% off all IdeaPad notebooks @ IBM Corporation